Why the name, Trusted Advisor?

The name of our business belongs to our primary customers, namely those advisors who genuinely aspire to be trusted by their clients. We exist to equip, support, inspire and encourage financial advisor professionals through world-class education, engagement and experiences that will drive you forward in the pursuit of being a Trusted Advisor.

When we think about our name, we are reminded of whom we are called to serve, and we understand that, to serve trusted advisors, we ourselves must meet the highest standard of professionalism and knowledge to earn the trust of our advisor customers. We will work diligently to meet that standard.

Where there is distrust, there will be very little economic activity or perhaps even none. However, where there is trust between industry stakeholders, there is success, profitability, and growth. To help advisers and intermediaries to be trustworthy, successful, profitable, and sustainable over the long term in a very competitive and onerous industry is what drives us.

Establishing and maintaining trusted relationships with clients must be the most important objective of any adviser and intermediary, simply because it is an economic necessity. Every relationship, every service, and every transaction is based on trust and therefore, this must be the single most important competency to master. That is why we are obsessed with the fundamentals that help to build, establish, and retain trust between stakeholders in the financial services industry.

In all our communication with our stakeholders, you will recognise one primary theme, namely TRUST. If our messages are not about trust itself, it will be about one of the underlying components of trust or a subject that will enhance trust between advisors and their stakeholders. It may also contain cautionaries about things that can cause a breakdown in trust. Everything we do in Trusted Advisors is aimed at helping advisors and intermediaries be more successful through trusted relationships with their primary stakeholders, their clients, and the other industry stakeholders.

Ultimately, all the industry stakeholders in financial services have one common primary customer, namely the consumer. We aim to play our part in establishing trusted relationships between industry stakeholders by laying a sound foundation for advisors and intermediaries to build, establish and maintain high-trust relationships with their clients. To do that, our CPD modules and courses are built on four cornerstones, namely ethics, suitable advice, compliance, and practice management. We trust (pun intended) that you are going to enjoy our journey together.