Join the Journey: Transitioning from FAIS to COFI with Trusted Advisor

Calling all key individuals! 


“COFI”, the “Mother of all market conduct legislation” is on its way. The Conduct of Financial Institutions (COFI) Bill is scheduled to be presented to Parliament this year and, when promulgated, it will ultimately replace the FAIS Act and the General code of conduct as we know it. If you are a key individual, and you want to be on the front foot when it happens, this message is for you! 


The Trusted Advisor Platinum Membership Program. (Level 4) is designed to equip and guide you through the next wave of “FAIS on steroids” legislation. We invite you to join us on a journey towards creating a sound foundation for your business as you prepare for the transition from FAIS to COFI. 


The transition from FAIS to COFI will be challenging for all businesses, especially for the smaller FSPs, and that is why we offer a comprehensive membership program to guide and support you along the way. Our program provides monthly updates, new content, insights, and interviews to keep you up to date with the latest developments and help you to stay ahead of the game.


By signing up for our membership program, you will gain access to the following benefits:


1. Access to CPD modules: As a basic benefit you gain access to 35 CPD points to use across our platform and a 50% discount on all further modules and courses beyond that threshold.


2. Monthly updates: Our team of experts will provide you with monthly updates on the transition from FAIS to COFI, including changes in regulations, new compliance requirements, and best practices.


3. New content: We will add new content to the platform each month, including articles, webinars, videos, and other resources, to help you understand and comply with the new regulations.


4. Expert insights: We will provide you with expert insights on the latest developments in the financial services industry, as well as practical tips and strategies to help you succeed in the new landscape.


5. Interviews with industry leaders: We will bring you interviews with industry leaders, including leading financial advisors, practice managers, and compliance officers, to provide you with unique perspectives and insights on the transition from FAIS to COFI.


6. Key individual insights: Practical tips for management and key individuals that apply to their management and oversight functions in the business.


7. Cost-effective: We believe that our membership program provides excellent value for money if one considers that the price includes access to 35 CPD points, which on its own brings the cost to R 137.15 per CPD point. That on its own offers great value for money and on top of that all the FAIS to COFI guidance for the business will be invaluable. We believe that every key individual will benefit from this service as they will need guidance to lead their businesses through the changes that are coming, while their representatives can benefit from less comprehensive options that are more affordable.


Join us on a journey towards establishing a sound foundation for growth and success with our membership program. With monthly updates, new content, expert insights, interviews with industry leaders, support, networking opportunities, and cost-effective membership options, we are here to support you every step of the way. 


Sign up today and start your journey towards success!